ETFO Headquarters

New headquarters for the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario sets a new standard in sustainability and livability. This unique building incorporates superior and ecologically sustainable features throughout including large glazed skylight openings in the roof allowing natural light to penetrate the centre of the building. 

Williams Boat House

Unique, contemporary architecture with surrounding clear glass elements requiring specific motorized solar shading requirements. Large, 2 storey solar shades retract into ceiling pockets along perimeter glazing.

Hendrie Gateway Pavilion

This new multi-purpose space at Royal Botanical Gardens has highly transparent glazed walls and roof with light creating a dramatic impact both during the day and night. 

Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse

State-of-the-Art facility featuring large main floor and podium with extensive perimeter glazing and roof skylight for natural daylight as well as a 6 floor office tower. 

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